The Ultimate Landing Zone APP

Why Use an App Solution

  • Eliminate outdated paper copies of Landing Zone (LZ) information.
  • All information in one complete image.
  • High resolution map background (vector, raster and ortophoto).
  • Aviation obstacles including power lines, masts, street light poles etc.
  • Always updated with the latest changes.
  • Day- and night mode for easier viewing.
  • Search and filter tool to find suitable LZ.
  • Report LZ changes or additions immediately.
  • On and offline use.

How it Works

  • Via AppStore or Google Play.
  • Mobile and tablets.
  • GPS+GLONASS to track helicopter’s current position.
  • Filter appropriate LZ based on size or keywords.
  • Switch between map backgrounds and pictures.
  • Use app interface to suggest updates or new LZ.
  • Web-based admin tool for data integrity.
  • Custom database of all info relating to a LZ.
  • Seamless, automatic updates across platforms.
  • Easy integration of new maps, backgrounds or info layers.
  • Can be used by several parties (i.e. Rescue Coordination Centers and medical dispatch centers) when coordinating missions.
Product Brochure PDF
Supports iOS, Android, Night vision mode

In Action

The LZ application is being utilized by the National Air Ambulance Services of Norway to increase safety when landing in SAR missions.

The clip below shows how the application is used in a real environment.

“Until today, we have not had landing zone overviews that have been good enough. We hope that this new application now can give us an unparalleled overview as it presents all known landing obstacles in Norway.”

Roy Inge Jenssen Luftambulansetjenesten HF
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